Holiday Tailgating w/ Smoked Prime Rib!

‘Tis the season!  Not just the holiday season, but football and tailgate season!  How about having a beautiful 5 lbs prime rib roast to take your tailgate party to the next level for the holidays?  We recently met our new friend Marcy from the Kansas City Steak Co. at the 2015 World Food Championships!  When we told her what we do here at Pitmaker and showed her some pictures of some of our events, she totally surprised us by sending a prime rib to cook for our tailgate party!


We were already racking our brain on what to cook to kick our party up a notch for the Christmas Tailgate game, so this was actually perfect.  There is no better high class cut of meat to smoke for your holiday meal than a prime rib, and this was a perfect way to show some extra love to our tailgate team and family and reward them for coming out faithfully for the season (especially good when you’re team hasn’t been too hot—Texans!) What’s even better, is that the prime rib she chose was completely marinated and spiced with a garlic and herb blend!  All we had to do was throw it in the cooler (or fridge) for a couple of days to thaw before the game (or cooking at home). It literally comes ready-to-cook, nicely boxed and gift-wrapped pretty, packed with frozen ice packs in an insulated cooler.


How easy is that?  Normally, we here at Pitmaker are very particular about our spices on our meat, but when we opened the packaged meat and smelled the beautiful marinade and garlic blend it was awesome.  It was perfectly vacuum sealed and vacuum sealing is a great way to marinade any meat.  Also, you can’t go wrong with herbs and garlic on prime rib.  (Mixed with the deep red oak and hickory smoke our Vault gives, this turned out phenomenal!)   So we stoked our Vault smoker at 325 deg, with red oak and hickory smoke mix and in it went.  Our plan was smoke to internal–very rare at 110 to 120 degrees, rest for 15 min, and cut into half inch slices.  Then right onto our hot charcoal grill for a quick 30 to 45 second sear per side.  And…  It. Was. Perfect!  More on that later…

So here is a quick recipe for smoked Prime Rib perfection, which is especially great as a holiday gift for your family members or friends who tailgate and are already pressed for time (as every tailgate team is–as well as everyone else during the holidays)!

  1. Order a pre-rubbed Garlic & Herb Prime Rib Roast here (link).
  2. Let sit in cooler or fridge for two days before cooking.
  3. Open up box and let the vacu-sealed meat come up to near room temp on the counter for two hours (above).
  4. Pre-heat your Pitmaker smoker to approximately 325 degrees and load in your pre-rubbed Prime Rib. (You can place a small pan underneath the cut of meat to catch the renderings to make various au jus or sauces at this point).
  5. Cook to internal of 110 to 120 very rare (about 1 hour, 20 min in our case), then rest for 15 min, before cutting into 1/2″ slices.  Sear on very hot charcoal grill (500 deg F) for 30 to 45 seconds per side.  Pour au jus over slices to serve.



Back to the results!  Perfect!



That simple.  Smoke, Check temp, cut, sear, juice, then serve.



When you are planning a large holiday meal or tailgate party (or both simultaneously!) it doesn’t get easier–or the results more impressive–than those brought to us by this Prime Rib from the Kansas City Steak Co. We here at Pitmaker cook a lot of meat for a lot of parties, so we ought to know!

Those slices you see above were consumed in .5 past light speed!  We also had some rain, so we didn’t get a lot of pictures other than what you see above.  However, we had our friend shooting some video for us.  He put together a quick vid below showing the process of cooking this beautiful cut of meat, and some of our party last Sunday.  Enjoy, and Happy Holidays from Pitmaker!



One thought on “Holiday Tailgating w/ Smoked Prime Rib!”

  1. Awesome! ! And I’ll bet it was delicious because Kansas City Steaks have the BEST Prime Rib ever ! You’ll find this culinary delight on my Christmas dinner table every year , it’s Tradition in our house now ! Happy Smoking guys and all the best to you this Holiday Season !

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